Rhythm Incursions – May ’10

Being currently trapped in some sort of odd twilight zone-esque real life situation I’m not very inspired for this month’s accompanying text blurb. So instead I’ll get straight down to business. Rhythm Incursions May 2010 rounds off a very busy month for us here at Rhythm Inc towers, possibly the busiest since we started. We’ve had guest mixes from Cafeteria and Monday Jazz, Fulgeance and Donky Pitch, Marques Lafelt and the Content Label, Throwing Snow and Kper and FoF Music. Alongside this we’ve also debuted new regular shows from two new presenters: Primus Luta over in the US who heads the new RIPL monthly show, and Broken Haze and XLII in Tokyo who head the RIRS monthly show. And now this, our regular 2h monthly show. I’ve never been good at maths but I’m pretty sure that’s close to like 20h of music in one month. Not bad eh? Click here to view all this month’s show, download them, stream them, comment etc…

So this month’s show follows our usual format with 2 hours of new and forthcoming music from the likes of Hightone, Breakage, Ceschi, Kraddy, Si Begg, Paul White, The Bug, The Roots, Houseshoes, Machinedrum, Ital Tek, Digital Mystikz, Danny Breaks, Dday One, Charles Trees, Roots Manuva, Foreign Beggars and Dabrye, The Blessings and many more. Alongside this we’ve got a world premier of the EAN remix of Om Unit’s Searching, which is forthcoming on Stretched Records. The mini feature for this month continues our recent Japanese theme (last one for a while promise!) with a look at the work of Olive Oil, a producer we’ve rated for a long time and who was definitely pioneering the whole beats/electronic hip hop thing since 05/06 in his native Japan. As with many other Japanese producers he’s not that well known outside Japan but his work definitely deserves a closer look so we’ve got four tracks from releases over the last 5 years to give you an idea. And if you like what you hear be sure to check his guest mix for us from last summer.

So that’s about it, as always download links and stream players are below alongside the exhaustive tracklist. If you like what you hear go out and support the artists and labels please, and where available download stuff for free even.

We’ll be back next month alongside our two new shows, RIPL and RIRS. You can also expect some very special guest mixes, the next in our Friends of Friends mix series and a site overhaul and relaunch, which should be late June/early July depending on how busy we are. As always feedback is appreciated so hit us up in the comments and enjoy!


Download Rhythm Incursions May 2010 (right click and save as)

The Roots – Stars – Dilla Joints Mixtape, download here
Houseshoes – Newports – All City Records
Eccy – Grease Spot – Troop Records
Charles Trees ft. Shigeto – Gratiot Gowanus – Musique Large
Grace Jones – All For Love (Digital Mystikz Remix) – Wall of Sound
Om Unit – Searching (EAN Remix) – Forthcoming Stretched Records *world premiere*
Rudi Zygadlo – Missa Per Brevis – Planet Mu
LV – Early Mob – Keysound Recordings
The Blessings – Moranis Riding Ants – Nod Navigators
Ital Tek – Subgiant – Planet Mu
Jonny Faith – Crimson Ride – Forthcoming Civil Music
Maga Bo ft. K Libre – Nakhil (Kusha Arora and Bakir remix) – Kusha Arora
Ghost Monkey – Who Wouldn’t – Self released
Q4 – Look Again (DDay One remix) – Project Mooncircle
Guilty Simpson ft. MED – Futuristic (Oh No remix) – Stones Throw promo
Paul White – Ride With Me – Forthcoming One Handed Music / Now Again
Danny Breaks – Space Maidens – Groove Attack (re-issue) / Droppin’ Science
Mini feature – Olive Oil
Olive Oil – Super Star – Oilworks (2005)
Olive Oil vs K Bomb – Town After Town – We Nod Records (2009)
Soloal One aka Olive Oil – Positive = Negative – Romz Records (2006)
Olive Oil – I Change U – Oilworks (2009)
Mini feature ends
Ramadanman – Tumble – Hessle Audio
Throwing Snow – Bring Me Back – Unreleased
TWoc ft. Afrikan Simba – Good Father – All City Records
Hightone ft. Ben Sharpa – Space Rodeo – Jarring Effects
2phast – Output 1-2 – Unreleased
The Bug ft. Flowdan – Run – Swamp81
Andreikelos – Call For The Last Stand – Forthcoming Equinox Records
Praveen and Benoit – Embers (Machinedrum Remix) – Moodgadget
Foreign Beggars ft. Dabrye and 2tall – Gravity – Forthcoming Dented Records
Breakage ft. Roots Manuva – Run Em Out – Digital Soundboy
Kraddy – Android Porn (Si Begg and K-The-I??? Remix) – Forthcoming Equinox Records
Prosoulytes – J’Aime (Instrumental) – Feelin’ Music
Houseshoes – The Makings – Do Over
Numaads – Wanting – Forthcoming Project Mooncircle
Funkineven – Must Move – Eglo Records
Ceschi – Bad Jokes – Forthcoming Equinox Records
Oriol – Memories – Forthcoming Planet Mu

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