Mr Beatnick – Rhythm Incursions mix

This guest mix by Mr Beatnick has rather been a long time coming, in fact I think nearly a year (without ribbing him more than I already have about it) when he helped arrange a meet with Take and Architeq in June 2009, which led to this rather lengthy but informative three way interview.

Anyways we originally agreed that he’d do a guest mix for the show and then life being what it is it didn’t happen until now. However good things do come to those who wait and somehow in between celebrating his birthday and releasing a free compilation of his music produced over the last 10 years (see below for more on that) he handed in his guest mix. And boy are you all in for a treat.

I think I first met Nick sometime last year after I just came back from Japan. He was one of the people who introduced me to the pleasures of CDR at Plastic People and who helped linked me with a whole bunch of people, like the aforementioned Take and Architeq but also Alex Chase and a few others. It’s fair to say he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met on the London ‘scene’ but also one of the most clued up when it comes to not just music (man knows his record history) but also people and scenes. We’ve had lengthy discussions about the whole beat thing over the last year and I always enjoy hearing his take on various things through Twitter and his on and off contributions to FACT magazine.

As a producer he’s maybe not been the most pro-active in a sense, but the few releases he’s had have all been of a high quality and he’s definitely a producer who knows his shit and who you should keep an ear and an eye on, if only because when he does do something it’s almost always worth paying attention. Which leads us nicely to the aforementioned compilation he’s just put out online for free to celebrate his birthday and which features 30 tracks from the last ten years, including releases such as ‘Walk’ and ‘Falling Apples’ but also plenty of unreleased beats and remixes. You can get your fill right here in zip format (sendspace link).

As for the mix, well as it turns out he seems to have taken some degree of inspiration from our chats about beats and the evolution of hip hop production over the last decade, as well as from the mix I put out last year alongside Om Unit and Clockwork, A Boom Bap Continuum. As he puts it himself:

It’s my response in a way to the “boom bap continuum” theory laid out by Kper, 2 Tall/Om Unit and Clockwork. Essentially a bunch of boom bap beats in a classic mid nineties style, next to ideas that stood out for me at the time… and then a left turn in the end to some of the more recent twists on the idea.

Which you could also summarise as an hour of crispy headnod audio delicacies which are sure to leave regular listeners pleased as it takes in many of our own favourites from the last decade or so. As always tracklist, download link and stream are all below.

Much love and thanks to Nick for his contribution, and let me say it right now you’re welcome back anytime you want mate :)

So sit back and enjoy an hour of quality music to put you in the mood for the weekend, or whenever you get round to downloading it.

Dowload Mr Beatnick – Rhythm Incursions guest mix (right click and save as)

Rhythm Incursions intro
Danny Breaks – La La
Ultra Magnetic MCs – Raise It Up – Instrumental
Pete Rock – One Mike One Dj – Pete Rock Remix (BBE)
Tranqill – Chips And Cheese (One Handed)
Sa-Ra – Frequencies
1st Down – A Day With The Homies
MF Doom – Galangal Root beat
Slum Village – 5 Ela remix (feat 5 elements)
De La Soul – The Bizness (feat Common)
Dj Dez – Place Where U Stand (UR)
Gangstarr – The Militia (Pete Rock remix)
Wajeed – Fat Asia (Bling 47)
Om Unit – Light Grids (all city)
Jon Phonics – A Dying Breed
Cubic Zirconia – D.F.A.D
Paul White – Synthia Dreams (One Handed)
Clause Four – Afro (We Made This Vol 1)
Midi Mark & Dj Cannon – Aragon
Ghostface Killah – Fish (intro juggle)
Lord Finesse – Ghetto (instrumental)
Grand Agent – Know The Legend (instrumental) (produced by Lord Finesse)
Danny Red – Riddimwize (Dj Muggs remix)
Paul White – untitled beat (beat tape 22)
Sir Real – untitled beat
Tightface – untitled beat
Dredi – untitled beat
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Two Shoes
Respite – Pang
Dot Rotten – Bounce
Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer (Fortified)
Alex Nut – Wotberry
Fauxhemian – Spectral Funk
Refuge – Sprayed Sparks
Subeena – Picture (Opit)
Mr Beatnick – Turn Your Back (Dub)
Afrika Hitech – 93 Million Miles
Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra – Take Notice

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