Vangel – In My Rumination

We return with a guest mix on this fine monday as our monthly shows for August have been pushed to friday. Next up in our ever growing line up of guests is Vangel, a Canadian producer and DJ who I think I first came across via the work we do on Turntable Radio. Details are hazy but for the last couple of years he’s been on our radar with various releases and collaborations, notably his EP for Scientist’s Equinox records (which we aired last year).

Over the last few months we got talking about a guest spot on the show for which the man came up with ‘In My Rumination’ a mix that fits more than perfectly within the Rhythm Inc cannon. Over 50 minutes Vangel takes you everywhere and back, weaving the likes of DJ Shadow, Four Tet, El-P, Prefuse, Caribou, Battles, Koushik, Thom Yorke and more together alongside some of his own productions. The result is a blissfull ride into music perfect to help get over the monday morning blues.

For more on Vangel be sure to check his site where you can find more info and links on all his releases and more.

Update: Vangel just told us he’s currently working on a debut LP entitled Breadth Control and you can get some free and not-free bytes right here

And for now just crank up the volume and enjoy!

Download In My Rumination a mix by Vangel (right click and save as)

Sixtoo – Sidewinders (Ninja Tune)
The Beach Boys – In My Room (EMI Records)
Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World (ABC Records)
Jackson and His Computer Band – Utopia (Warp Records)
el-p – How to Serve Man (Def Jux)
Four Tet – slow jam (Domino)
Prefuse 73 – Simple Loop Choir (Warp Records)
Helmet – Beautiful Love (Interscope)
Amon Tobin – Slowly (Ninja Tune)
Ceschi – Half Mast (Equinox Records)
Vangel – Central Pocketier (5&1/4 Records)
Diplo – Way More (Big Dada)
Dj Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World (Mo’Wax)
Camu Tao – When You’re Going Down (Def Jux)
Bibio – Cry! Baby! (Warp records)
Dj Shadow – Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (Mo’Wax)
Masai Bey – Paper Mache (Def Jux)
peterdeadpan – Bicyclette (Remix) (5&1/4 Records)
Koushik – Be With (Stones Throw)
2econd Class Citizen – The Day You’re Lost Or Found (Equinox Records)
Born Ruffians – Badonkadonkey (Warp records)
Dday One – Omega Point (ContentLabel)
Prefuse 73 – the Color or Tempo (Warp Records)
Frederik Teige – Elevate (Independent)
Thom Yorke – The Eraser (XL Recordings)
Maxime Robin – Ma generation (Erobote)
Vangel – Elevator Talk (5&1/4/Equinox Records)
Caribou – Hello Hammerheads (Leaf/Domino)
Battles – Atlas (Warp records)
Squarepusher – Male Pill Part 13 (Warp records)
Brian Borcherdt – Preserver (HandDrawnDracula)

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