SATO – Some Timmer

Tokyo regularly gets a lot of the shine and attention when it comes to Japan’s new school of producers, whether we’re talking hip hop or electronic. And yet the rest of the country offers a ground that is as fertile if not more than the capital. One of the prime examples of this is Olive Oil who is based in Fukuoka, one of the main cities in the southern island of Kyushu, and has been one of the pioneering Japanese producers for beats and electronic hip hop for nearly a decade now (by the way you can check a guest mix and music from Olive Oil right here).

With this in mind it was quite refreshing when I recently received a beat/demo tape from a young producer also based in Fukuoka called SATO (thanks to XLII). Having given it a few spins I found his approach interesting, and while not groundbreaking it definitely showed hints of more than just someone aping the current beat thing. The main thing that has always attracted me to a lot of underground Japanese producers’ music is what I always felt is a unique quality to how they interpret sounds from outside their country – they seem capable of incubating sounds and styles in entirely new ways before bringing them back in a style that is fascinating to my western ears. The rise of popularity in recent years of people like Fly Lo and the increasing prevalence of networks like myspace, facebook and soundcloud has unfortunately meant that this incubation happens less as Japanese producers are able to hear and reproduce what they hear from the west quicker. Despite this I still think this unique quality can come through.

Which leads us to SATO who holds the record for the quickest guest mix delivery having literally dropped it in our inbox 24 hours after we asked him for it. What you get is 40 minutes of his own productions mixed with favourites and wrapped up in a headnoding package sure to leave your feet and head bouncing. No tracklist on this one!

As always you can download and/or stream the mix below, or just subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feed to never miss a show.

Big thanks to SATO for his time, and to XLII for being the middle man who speaks proper Japanese. You can check SATO’s previous releases on his myspace and also on the latest Project Mooncircle compilation ‘Finest Ego’ which can be downloaded exclusively for free on our site until tomorrow lunchtime to celebrate its release and this mix.

Download SATO – Some Timmer (right click and save as)

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