Lens J – Once a Man, Twice a Child

Our regular FoF mix series is a little delayed this month but fear not as our man in L.A Dday One has hooked up a tasty two-part mix from the Austrian collective www.rotaug.com, featuring the talents of Lens J and DJ Kompact.

First up is Lens J with Once a Man, Twice a Child – a great little mix featuring some firm Rhythm Inc favourites like Free The Robots, Bugseed, Kankick and Gonjasufi. I’ll leave him to do the introductions and explain:

I‘m a photographer and shortcutmaker from Vienna, Austria with a strong leaning towards music and vinyl addiction. To compensate that and of course certain situations in life, I compile mixtapes whenever I find the time. To promote artists, tell stories, and to not have to flip the records over and over again. With the help of wordsamples – in this case some photography tutorials by Robert Vasquez among others – I try to make my tapes a journey into my life.

I usually select tracks I love, tracks that release something within me, no matter if they are old, new, futuristic, experimental, laidback… hip hop, dubstep, detroit techno, 8-bit, dub, breakcore, an alltime favourite or a – from my side – slept on diamond that just has to be played.

There‘s one more thing I want to say: For the love of music and art, buy records and artworks; support artists! They need more than a thumbs up on facebook, youtube or any other social network! Help them do what they do best – art!

I hope you enjoy what you hear. If you want more or if you want to make yourself a picture of what i do with regards to photography and shortcuts check my personal website http://lens.rotaug.com or our collective‘s site: www.rotaug.com

So there you have it, not much else to say apart that Lens J is also the man behind the Omega Point video for Dday’s Heavy Migration release which is forthcoming. The second mix in this two part drops next week and Dday himself returns shortly to the Rhythm Inc airwaves with the next installment of his In Sessions series.

Many thanks to Lens J and the Rotaug massive. Lay back, turn the volume and go support!

Download Lens J – Once a Man, Twice a Child (right click and save as)

01| Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer – Power and Truth – 2008 – Kif Rec
02| Damu The Fudgemunk – You Know Who? – 2010 – Redefinition Rec
03| Darc Mind – Outside Looking In (Acapella) – 1996 – Loud Rec
04| J-Treds – Praise Due – 1998 – Fondle ‘Em
05| Bugseed – Skillz in 09 – 2010 – Self-released
06| Saukrates – Father Time (Acapella) – 1995 – Knee Deep Rec
07| Dexter – Sounds Great Les – 2010 – Melting Pot Rec
08| Dexter – Swing Is A Must – 2010 – Melting Pot Rec
09| Slepcy – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride – 2006 – Cock Rock Disco Rec
10| Cise Starr from Cyne – D.T.F.N (Acapella) – 2005 – Hydeout Prod
11| Free The Robots – Mental Universe – 2010 – Alpha Pup
12| Tae K – Wu-Tang-Clan Da Mystery of Chessboxin TKRMX II – 2009
13| Kankick – Militant Black Sister – 2010 – Grey Label Rec
14| Bugseed – Sex in the Cart – 2010 – Self-released
15| GonjaSufi – Ageing – 2010 – Warp Rec

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