New site live – mind the paint!

O hai there. No you’re not dreaming, Rhythm Incursions has had a lick of paint. Well actually more than that. This website redesign has been a long time coming and is frankly overdue. We hope you like it though, we did it to try and make it easier than ever to browse all available shows and just generally interact with us in more ways, whether on the site, via social networks or more.

The main changes are as follows:
– New homepage featuring shows in visual format, simply hover on the images to see info and click through!
– Visual browsing system for all archives. Let the images guide you!
– Dedicated archive pages for all regular shows and guest mixes. Simply use the top navigation to check the shows/presenters you want. Look at Dday One’s new page for example
Tag archive page that allows you to browse all shows an artist is featured in. Like someone in particular? Check out all the content we have available on them
– New easier to use comment system, you can log in using your twitter or Facebook IDs
– Tweet and Facebook share buttons. Spread the love at the click of a button
Ustream page – more on that very soon, but for now check the Raid System Ustream shows archived, and look out for new Rhythm Inc Ustreams soooon
– Easier to use buttons to subscribe to shows via newsletter, iTunes or RSS. Simply subscribe and get shows to your inbox when they go live. Easy peasy!

And more. So get comfortable and have a browse, listen to some shows, download, share and don’t forget to let us know what you think. There’s still a few minor things we’re ironing out but it should all be done by tomorrow.

Big thanks to Delarge for the new header/visual ID and all the presenters and guests.



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