Robot Koch – Songs for Trees and Cyborgs mini mix

I’m very happy to be able to bring you a guest mix from Robot Koch this week to celebrate the forthcoming release of his ‘Songs for Trees and Cyborgs’ album on Project Mooncircle. Not only did the man put together a short mini mix of the album and other tracks for your ears, we’ve also got a preview of a brand new video for the album track ‘Threats’ (see below).

Anyone who’s followed the show closely will know we’ve got a lot of love for the German producer. His attention to detail and production skills have made him one of the finest producers amid the recent electronic hip hop scene, each of his releases builds on the previous one showcasing new ideas, styles and an incredible knack for melodies and rhythms. What’s more he’s been at it for longer than most, under a variety of guises including The Tape and one third of Jahcoozi. Oh and he’s got an incredible pair of ears too – all his productions sound crisp, especially compared to the rest of the producers out there.

I’ve been wanting to get him on the show for a while, and thanks to Gordon at PMC we’ve got this mini mix for your ears. As I said the mix celebrates the release of ‘Songs for Trees and Cyborgs’ which was released on Project Mooncircle at the beginning of the month. You can also view the video for ‘Threats’ below, which was released yesterday.

We’ve aired tracks from the album in recent shows, and I recommend you go and purchase it as it’s one of the better releases this year. His previous EPs for the label as well as the recent Jahcoozi album are also all recommended.

For now though I’ll leave you in the hands of the man who never sleeps, Robot Koch. Many thanks to him and Gordon for the love.

Download Robot Koch ‘Songs For Trees and Cyborgs’ mini mix (right click and save as)

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