[EVENT] Nosaj Thing live AV set + Free The Robots in London

There are few things in life that are certain and needing to catch Nosaj Thing’s live AV show is one of them. The young L.A prodigy has been on our radar for a good few years now, ever since my time in Japan, and when I first saw footage of his live AV show I was blown away to say the least.

Good thing then that Earnest Endeavours, the new project from our long time friends at Patchwork Pirates (stand up Terence, one of the first journos to ever rep Rhythm Inc back in 05!), are bringing said AV show to London next week. And to boot they’ve asked Free The Robots along too for a live set. So that’s two of L.A’s finest electronic producers in town, and two of our favourite producers from recent years.

What else could you want? A ticket you say? Yes, the capacity of the venue is very limited we are told so you best get on that by buying them here. The venue is the Pattern Cutters warehouse on Kingsland Rd, and tickets are £8 a pop. See you there!

And in case you’re wondering what the fuss is about, check some videos of said AV show below or explore our archives for music from Nosaj and Free The Robots (who was featured on RIPL in July with a mini feature).

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