Friends of Friends mix series: Ernest Gonzales live at Exploded Drawing 3

Our second to last mix of the month comes at you via our Friends of Friends mix series with an artist that is signed to the label and who has made a big impression on us this year. It’s a pleasure to be able to have Ernest Gonzales on the show again – not only was the man responsible for one of our favourite albums of 2010, his debut for the Friends of Friends label ‘Been Meaning To Tell You‘, he also contributed to our guest mixes with the also excellent ‘Been Meaning To Mix This’ back in January ahead of the album’s release.

Ernest’s music on the album really struck a chord with me, both musically but also emotionally. It’s a beautiful coloured ride through electronic, 8bit and folk that really stands out thanks to the impact of the compositions and the addictiveness of the melodies. The album also came in a beautiful packaging that includes drawings for each of the songs by a different artist as well as 16 remixes from the likes of Take, Yppah and more. You can still buy the package, including CD, digital or vinyl of the album, the remixes in digital and the book of illustrations/drawings from the site. It’s christmas soon after all!

Following this release, Ernest also continued with his Mexicans with Guns project which was the latest release on the FoF label alongside Robot Koch – a split EP of fairly huge proportions which we’ve supported on the show over the last few months. You can buy this EP now – just visit the FoF website for all the info and links.

For this instalment of our guest mix series Ernest dropped us a recording of a live set he recently performed at the Exploded Drawing event in Texas. I’ll let him fill you in on that:

This set was recorded live from Baby Blue Studios in Austin Texas as part of a new and emerging monthly event called Exploded Drawing. The goal of Exploded Drawing is to shed light on the electronic music scene in Texas… no DJs! For my live sets I perform using Ableton and a midi controller in an improvisational manner. I select, mix and match various pieces of my songs to create a live remix of my material.

All of which hints at the awesomeness of this live set, a truly momentous ride that features plenty of highlights from the album. So if you haven’t yet bought it, bump this loud and do the only logical thing – go cop it, it’ll make your life better.

It’s been a busy year for Ernest and the FoF label, be sure to check the FoF website for full details of all their releases and look out for them in 2011. They’ve got a couple of amazing releases already in the bag. And be sure to also check all the mixes in the FoF series right here – we’ve had Asura, Darkhouse Family, Sven Swift, My Dry Wet Mess and myself so far!

Oh yeah and as always with our FoF series the photo for this one comes Oliver Kish. Download and/or stream the show below. Remember to subscribe via RSS/iTunes/newsletter to never miss a show.

Download Ernest Gonzales ‘Live at Exploded Drawing 3’ (right click and save as)

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