Olan All City – A Random Slice of Cali

We continue our end of year celebrations with part 2 of our guest mixes from All City Records, our label of the year. Following from the 10 records for 2010 minimix which we dropped Friday, label-boss Olan drops an exclusive mix inspired by the label’s L.A 10×10 series.

Titled ‘A Random Slice of Cali’ it’s a celebration of L.A music from records Olan picked up at random over the years. I’ll let him explain:

It’s basically random LA bits picked up over the years – A Random Slice of Cali! One glaring mistake I’m surprised/disgusted I let slip but I’ll leave that up to people to spot – maybe theres more than one! I always intend to take some time over these things and end up just frantically grabbing a load of records off the nearest shelf! and trying to get it done in an hour – so apologies to anyone who is offended by the sloppiness!! At the risk of sounding like a ponce – its all vinyl – no edits, represses, compilations or any other substitution of the real!

So there you have it. It’s a good one too, and a perfect slice of L.A sunshine for those of us stuck in rather colder climes this december.

Many thanks to Olan for his time – as mentioned previously if you don’t know about All City yet then be sure to head to the shop right now and get hold of the 7×7 and 10×10 series as well as the other EPs and 12s/7s released on the label over the last few years. You can also get a taster of what the label’s music has to offer by checking our archives.

Our end of year celebrations continue all month with a guest mix from Solar Bears for our FoF mix series later this week, and end of year shows from RIRS and myself – which will include an All City megamix!

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Download Olan All City – A Random Slice of Cali

Mr DJ (the Concept)
Triple Threat – Scratch Motion Rap
Jimmy Lewis – Street Freaks
Captain Rapp – Cant Stand it Pt II
Royal Cash – Radioactivity
Koppa – Second to None Dub
Arcade Gang – When Doves Cry
Unknown DJ – Lets Jam (Instrumental)
World Class Wreckin Crew – Surgery
Victor Flores – Quadro-phonic
JJ Fad – Supersonic
The Mistress & Madam E – I Got Your Wild Thing
Facade – The Groove
Pleasure – Sending My Love
The DOC – Whirlwind Pyramid
Chemise – She Cant Love You
Jeffrey Osborne – Plane Love (Dub)
Rene And Angela – Drive My Love
Beastie Boys – A Year and A Day
Above the Law – Black Superman
MC Ren – The Villain in Black
Dr Dre – A Nuh With A Gun

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