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Welcome back everyone and a happy new year to our listeners. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the recent holidays (if you celebrated them) and are ready for another year of discerning music for discerning ears as Rhythm Incursions continues to grow and deliver otherworldly flavours into your ear holes. Before we go any further I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s listened or downloaded in 2010 and helped us reach a new record of nearly 400K downloads! Let’s hope we can break that again in 2011.

First up in 2011 is a very special guest mix by the Overknights crew from Florence, Italy. Very special because Florence is the home city of my family but also because I had the pleasure to meet the Overknights during the recent beat battle for IDA Italy in Bologna last November, and their enthusiasm, generosity and music quite frankly blew me away. They’re a ten-man strong crew (a rarity these days) composed primarily of producers but also an MC and a graphic designer. The official bio blurb goes a little something like this:

Overknights is a collective of dj’s, producers, mc’s and one drawer based in Florence, Italy. A group of ten with common tastes and different styles, as well as a variety of musical backgrounds, ranging from hip hop, jazz and punk, to techno and many other genres of ‘electronic’ music. Their particular ‘sound’ lies between the different styles found throughout individual productions as well as many internal projects and collabo’s. The result is a mix of hip hop, funk and skwee

During the beat battle I judged last November, alongside the homies Woody and Flip from Error Broadcast, two of the crew’s members were taking part – Johnny Boy and Digi G’Alessio, who went on to the final. Regular listeners will recognise the latter’s name as I’ve played some of his tracks in the last two shows, mainly because his performance blew me away and the material he has available on his bandcamp is really quite good. It was also nice to see someone rocking an SP-404 at a beat battle rather than the usual MPC. And he did fellow 404 users like Dibiase and Ras G proud with a bass heavy sound that shut the system down a few times. Facebook-enabled readers can see the final from said Beat Battle in the following video – sound isn’t amazing but you get a good idea of the fun we all had.

Back to the matter at hand. Following this encounter, I spent some time listening to the beats and music on their bandcamp and promptly fired off an email to them asking for a guest mix. I really felt that theirs was a sound worth pushing forward and showcasing to a wider audience, especially as it seems they’ve been going for a while and I’d never heard of them before, and neither had most I spoke to. Props must go to Flip Error Broadcast who helped set up the beat battle and invited the guys over – look out for some Italian flavoured releases on the label this year shining a light on these guys and other talent hidden in the cities of the old country. There’s dudes with serious funk.

The guys dully obliged and sent through a one hour mix made entirely of their own work, and that of associates and aptly titled Overknights Incursion. Here’s some words from them about the mix:

Here’s our own little ‘Incursion’, an hour mix of our own productions, mostly unreleased… including a collabo with our bros The NightSkinny and DreLove and a killer remix by Pinch. A big big up to Rhythm Incusions…. and as the image by Simone Zaccagnini might suggest we’d like to show some love… so Enjoy! Peace.

So there you have it. Not much else to say apart from turn the volume up to 11 and let the rhythm hit you. It’s the perfect start to the new year for us here at Rhythm Inc and we’d also like to return the thanks to Overknights for their kindness and enthusiasm. For more on the crew hit up their blog as well as their bandcamp which features very tasty free releases from the crew’s members. The bio page on the blog has links to all the members’ individual online locations.

As always the mix can be downloaded and/or streamed below. Or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes/newsletter and never miss a show.


Download Overknights Incursion (right click and save as)

Bye Bye – Daretta (Intro) – *

Megapissel – Lo ZacFree’P’Hop

Renatino Molletta – Tes.La (+Millelemmi) – *

Vodka Gelsi – MillelemmiEoliade

Posate – Colossius – *

Dal Tonic – JohnnyBoy – *

Sola – Biga feat. Daretta – *

Fuga Pt 2 – Lo ZacFree’P’Hop

Moliz – Colossius & Digi – *

Mgm Flyby – JohnnyBoy – *

Crezima – Manuele AtzeniThe Miyazaki Tour EP (WM)

Pad L. – Colossius & Digi – *

People Business – Digi G’Alessio – *

Digi vs Atzeni – Tes.La – *

Swatch Scuba – Digi G’Alessio – *

Vaccini – Colossius – *

Sadiam – Millelemmi – *

NyC Born – The NightSkinny feat. DreLove – Ether Rmx – forthcoming

Critical – Digi G’Alessio – *

Mintendo Blaster System – JohnnyBoy – *

Miriano – Ether – forthcoming (Lil’ Pitch)

Do You Know Wah – Digi G’AlessioThe Yellow Book (Plynt)

One Note Bamba – Digi G’AlessioBeat a Confronto vol.2 (Ragnampiza)

Beghe – EtherPinch Rmx – forthcoming (Lil’ Pitch)

In Dubz We Trust – Manuele AtzeniB4TS

Stages – Digi G’AlessioThe Yellow Book (Plynt)

Goonies – Biga feat. Dyami– *

Cordialmente Stocaz – ColossiusBeat a Confronto vol.1 (Ragnampiza)

[*= unreleased; ‘Ether’ is Colossius + Biga; ‘Tes.La’ is Digi G’Alessio + Manuele Atzeni]

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