Friends of Friends Mix Series – DJ Centipede of Mophono

Our first Friends of Friends mix for 2011 comes courtesy of DJ Centipede of Mophono, which is perfect really considering how much we’ve been feeling his forthcoming album ‘Cut Crush Form’. What’s even more fitting is that this is a man who’s been involved in some of the West Coast’s most influential and forward thinking parties as a DJ from Future Primitive – whose turn of the century parties help push forward the aesthetic that cemented much of the alternative hip hop and beats in the 00s – to Brainfeeder.

As always with the series, the FoF label hit him up and he delivered a mix inspired by the theme of the series, though not voluntarily as he explains:

Growing up being inspired by drum machines and Djing experimental electronic music since the early 90’s, I knew there would be a healthy dose. One of the goals in this mix was to refine the electronic influence and increase the potency with a few specific artists like Eprom, Lorn and the predecessor Cabbage Boy, Juxtaposed with live elements from artists like Nostalgia 77, Antibalas and DJ Vadim.

60’s and 70’s Electronic music definitely had an influence on me while creating this mix. Throughout history one of the most common attributes in electronic music has been (and I hope it stays this way) experimentation. While I still consider most rap music to be electronic music, I unfortunately did not focus on the MC element in this mix.

When Friends of Friends asked me to do the mix, I saw it as an opportunity to make a fairly experimental mix similar to the vein of the label but with a Mophono twist to it. The moment I most enjoyed about creating this mix, would have to be all the moog rhythms beat matched with the live elements panned hard. I think it is an interesting and unique approach that is entertaining but difficult to pull off in the live arena. While hopefully the listener catches some of the cool mixes and tricks, the goal still remains to create an enjoyable listen…

Its funny, I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many talented musicians that at the end of the mix I realized I know 90% of the people who’s music I used and whats so appropriate is the people I don’t know well, they are Friends of Friends.

So as you can see Mophono’s addition to the FoF series fits perfectly with our own musical ethos here at Rhythm Inc, from the music chosen to the inspirations and approach. It’s shorter than our usual mixes at just over 30 minutes but as they say it’s not always about the length!

As mentioned Mophono’s debut, ‘Cut Crush Form’, is set to drop in February on his own CB records featuring Flying Lotus and MC Subverse. The album is a heady mix of influences, similar to those the man cites for the mix, with heavy, crunchy drums, psychedelic freak outs and beautiful arrangements. Best enjoyed as a complete listen from start to finish it has some particularly inspired moments, such as the track ‘Rep’ feat Subverse – which we aired on the November show. Look out for another preview from the album in this month’s show and get ready for next month’s release.

In the meantime enjoy this half hour trip from the man himself. Big thanks to Leeor as always!

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