[Ustream] New Maisonette Electronique shows feat. Om Unit x Kper

A couple of new Maisonette Electronique Ustream shows are available to stream again at your leisure in our archives. Latest show went out yesterday and can be streamed above or at this link. It features a hefty dose of new music and lots of unreleased beats from producers worldwide as well as a short Dilla selection to celebrate the man’s monthly anniversary of his birth and death.

Few weeks before that we returned for the second show of January. This one was streamed for 40 minutes to Italy on FM radio as well – which I think may be a first? Anyways you can check the first hour of it below and the rest at the following URLs due to Ustream splitting the recording into four for some reason: January show pt1.1, January show pt1.2, January show pt2.

And remember Maisonette Electronique goes live on Ustream every two weeks or so. Best way to find out is to follow us on Twitter/Facebook where we inform you ahead of time!

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