Kper – Japan Love Letter

As announced earlier, this month’s regular podcasts are all cancelled aside from RIPL which will drop on Monday. Despite having been kept busy by our work on the Nihon Kizuna compilation, we’re starting to get back into normal mode here in Tokyo and I’m finally starting to be able to enjoy the holiday and get stuck into the shows I had booked, which are no longer getting cancelled as the city returns to life after a couple of interesting weeks.

This mix was originally going to be a promo mix for the Mo’ Fun party I’m doing next month. Then it also became a mix to promote the Nihon Kizuna release before the work on that kept us too busy and the success proved that additional promotion probably wasn’t that much needed, especially not when we had so much to do. And so it went back to being a mix to promote Mo’ Fun vol.12 though by then it had become a love letter to Japan, a country I feel spiritually connected to and which I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for.

A lot of the music in this mix reminds me of Japan, with many tracks – old and new – having a direct link to the country and its people. For example the Skeng remix which closes it features samples recorded by The Bug and Kode 9 in Kyoto in 2007 when they were visiting/touring. The Baku megamix of Poison Dart was recorded shortly after that same tour. Cut End was a long standing anthem at BTC before Mala released it on Deep Medi. While Yosi Horikawa’s tracks always transport me to Japan whenever I listen to them. Alongside these tracks there’s a bunch of new stuff I’m feeling and the whole thing is joined together and interspersed by recordings I made on the streets of Tokyo in 2008, namely in Ogikubo, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Kiyose.

Mo’ Fun vol.12 is going down on April 9th, at Heavy Sick Zero in Nakano, Tokyo. Full details can be found on the Facebook event page. Many thanks to KK-san for inviting me to play.

If you enjoy this mix then please make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross, or alternatively buy a copy of the Nihon Kizuna compilation – all proceeds from which go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Many thanks to all the artists and labels featuring in this mix. Dedicated to the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Download Kper – Japan Love Letter (right click and save as)

Earthquake intro
2phast – JapaN – Unreleased
Himuro Yoshiteru – Night Shift – Unreleased
Lopez – Leviticus – Forthcoming Keep Up Records
Exile – Distopian Utopia – Forthcoming All City Records
Dilla – In The Streets – Operation Unknown
Eccy – Grease Spot – Slye Records
Krush ft KAN – Mosa – Sony
Paul White – Flying Across Tokyo – One Handed Music
Squeaky Lobster – Turkish Delight – Forthcoming Vlec
Naive Machine – Afrika (Om Unit remix) – Forthcoming Hit & Hope
Jamie Woon – Night Air – Universal
Yosi Horikawa – Passion (live) – Unreleased
Coco b – Date Theory – Unreleased
Yosi Horikawa – Wandering – Unreleased
Artek – We Save Lives (Brey Red Cross Remix) – Unreleased
Daisuke Tanabe – Witch Hunt – Project Mooncircle
Ena – Sign – 7even Recordings
Goth Trad – Cut End – Deep Medi
Om Unit – Searching – Stretched Records
100 Mado – Johnny – Unreleased
The Bug ft. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart (DJ Baku skratch megamix) – Ninja Tune
The Bug ft. Flow Dan – Skeng (Kode 9 remix) – Hyperdub
Ogikubo outro

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