Dday One – In Session no.11

Hello and welcome to another edition of Rhythm Incursions “In-Session” with your selector Dday One broadcasting from Mid-City Los Angeles, CA

This episode is the first in the “Selections” mix series. Selections will cover topic specific mixes, for example genre, era and events. This month’s “Selection” is a 60 min celebration of classic breaks, jazz, prog-rock and soul music from Japan.

Most of the music featured comes from records stores and supporters on visits to Japan. The most recent visit was early March for Superheadz VJ’s presents “Live Harinezumi No Mori“, then returning home two days before the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. After getting word of the event, days where spent checking the well being of friends in the region and reflecting. This mix comes out those reflections.

With news transmitting at light-speed it’s easy to forget but I hope this mix helps to keep those affected by the devastation in your thoughts and prayers.

Please join the worldwide assistance drive by directly donating to recognized charitable organization like Japanese Red Cross and Oxfam.

To the supporters this mix is dedicated to you! Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration! Heiwa!

**Enjoy and share this mix!**

Dday One (Content Label / Project Mooncircle)

Download Dday One – Selections: Japan (right click and save as)

Dday One In Session #11

Ryo Kawasaki – Raisins
Teruo Nakamura – Mescalito
Maki Asakawa – Watashi Ga Snoufu Ni Nattanara
Jun Fukamachi- Bamboo Bong
Happenings Four- ????
Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori Part II
Kuni Kawachi – Kanemochi no Kanemochisan
Japanese Cast of Hair – Where do I go
Helpful Soul – Fire
The Spiders – Lucille
Kuni Kawachi – Kazeyori Gokurousan
Yasumi No Kuni – Mary Jane
Tomita – Imagine
Hideo Shiraki Quintet – Matsuri No Genzo
Flied Egg – Oke-Kus
Maki Asakawa – Asahi no ataru ie
Sadistic Mika Band – Silver Child
Teruo Nakamura -Umma Be Me
Masaaki Hirao – Hissatsu Shigotonin (TV) Vol. 1
Harumi- Hunters Of Heaven
People – Prayer Part 2

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