Spoek Mathambo – Sexual Harrassment mix

So a while back the promo for the new Sexual Harrassment remix EP on Citinite dropped in our inbox. This four track EP features the likes of Dam Funk, Sweat X and Jimmy Edgar taking on Sexual Harrassment – a short lived funk/punk group from the 80s whose subject matter was raunchy and makes for amazing material for the remixes. We loved it. So when Citinite got in touch about airing a Spoek Mathambo (one half of Sweat X) mix themed around the group it was a no brainer. After all the emotions we’ve been through here recently in Japan we all need some good old fashioned fun.

What follows is a dope mix featuring the likes of Kraftwerk, Grace Jones, Timbaland, Too Short, Wiley, Sun Ra alongside Jimmy Edgar, Rashad, Magic Mike, Sweat.X and more. Just looking at the tracklist makes you sweat.

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A big thanks to Citinite for this one. Check their blog for more buy links for the digital of the EP, it’s out this week. And peep their previous releases from Ad Bourke among others if you haven’t yet – and you should have cos we’ve been airing them!

For now though grab a member of the opposite sex, crank it up and get sweaty.

Download Spoek Mathambo – Sexual Harrassment mix (right click and save as)

Kraftwerk – Metal On Metal
Grace Jones – Pull Up The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage mix)
Caiphus Semenya – Angelina
Johnny Moog – Fantastic Lover (Drive Me Home remix)
Timbaland – Come Around
Sun Ra – Nuclear War
Beppe Gioia & Sal – Yes Sir (Dub)
DJ Magic Mike – Give It To ‘Em
Sampology – You ft Lady Chann
Oskido & Professor – Jezebel
Tittsworth ft Maluca – Unknown
Artist Unknown – Ribola
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Big Onion
Kriskha – Khannibal
Kriskha – Krumpet
Ready for the World – Oh Sheila (Ultimix)
Dam Funk & Lil Kenny – You Are My Sexual Connection
DJ Magic Mike – Magician Bassing It Up
Sweat.X – We Know What You Want
Party Boyz – HaHa Bitch (Manare & Marvy Da Pimp Remix Feat. Spank Rock & J0ke)
DJ Rashad – U See Dem Hoes
DJ Rashad – Living That Pack Life
Wiley – Avalanche
Robert O’Dell – If I Gave You A Party
Jimmy Edgar – Sheer, Make, Serve
Too Short – I Need A Freak (iamxl remix)
Jimmy Edgar & G.rizo – Excercise Your Ass Off
Sexual Harrasment – I Need A Freak

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