Gordon of Project: Mooncircle – First Space Walk

I woke up this morning, with a slight hungover, to find an email in the inbox from Gordon of Project: Mooncircle telling me he had a guest mix for us. Always a pleasant surprise when good friends of ours get in touch like this, even more when it’s someone like Gordon who we’ve worked with for years now ever since the beginnings of both Rhythm Incursions and Project: Mooncircle back in the early/mid 00s.

Regular listeners will no doubt be familiar with the label’s output – releases from the label are a common feature in our monthly shows and we’ve had quite a few of their artists guest on the show in the past (click here for a run down). So to finally have Gordon, the man behind the label, step up for a guest mix is nice. Actually if memory serves me right Gordon did do a guest spot for us back in 05 when Waxfactor presented the first Project:Mooncircle special which was also one of the first podcasts we did, back when Rhythm Incursions was a bi weekly show on Resonance FM.

So nearly 6 years on (damn time flies) Gordon steps up again with a selection across the board featuring the likes of Headshotboyz, Shlohmo, Lapalux, Teebs, Quendolinfender, Capella, Coco Bryce, fLako, Koreless, DZA, Luisterwaar, Ital Tek, Jehst, Joe Kickass, Killing Skills, CYNE, Gards From KC, Evil Ed and more… The mix features a fair few unreleased/forthcoming bits and there is no tracklist aside from the above artists mention.

For more on Project:Mooncircle be sure to check their website, where you’ll find details of all their releases past and present. Up next they’ve got some tasty offerings from fLako and DZA as well as a Mike Gao LP coming in the summer. And stay tuned for details of a common project we’re working on as part of their Finest Ego series which I’m hoping we’ll be able to announce details for in the coming weeks.

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