TSOM – Ken One live at Nihon Kizuna release party

We kick off our Tokyo State Of Mind (TSOM) series alongside the homies at Percussion Lab with a live show from one of our oldest Tokyo supporter and friend, Ken One. The series officially kicked off a few days ago over at Percussion Lab with a live set by Himuro Yoshiteru, and will continue with live sets from Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe and Keizo Machine (on Percussion Lab) and DJ Duct (on Rhythm Incursions). All these live sets were recorded at the Nihon Kizuna Tokyo release party (Himuro, Daisuke, Yosi and Ken One) as well as the Skratch Evolution 3 event organised by Ken One (Duct and KeizoMachine).

As most of you should already know, Nihon Kizuna is a compilation of music that myself, XLII, Broken Haze and Audace put together the week following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 which devastated the Northern Coast of Japan. The compilation has so far raised an incredible $30,000 for the Japanese Red Cross and we simply ask that if you’ve not yet donated you simply purchase a copy of the compilation, all the proceeds from which go to the Japanese Red Cross. Despite the earthquake and its aftermath no longer being in the focus of news outside of Japan, people there still need help.

You can purchase the compilation via bandcamp or iTunes. You can also stream and buy via the widget below.

As for this set, it’s a pretty standard Ken One affair which sees him chop and cut his way through 30 minutes of classic hip hop, breaks and his own music, including the Mind Rain track which is featured on the Nihon Kizuna compilation. All live of course.

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Look out for further instalments of the TSOM series over the next two weeks both here and over at Percussion Lab.

Download Ken One – Live at Nihon Kizuna release party (right click and save as)

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