Dday One – In Session no.13: Stems of Hip Hop

This latest instalment of Rhythm Incursions’ “In Session” series is a tribute to the art of preservation and mixtape culture.

During the process of digitally restoring and preserving tapes for my forthcoming early works project “Mood Algorithms” I decided to also digitize some mixtapes from the same period to share with you.

“Stems of Hip Hop” was created circa 99/00 (pre internet download era) with a turntable, mixer, tons of vinyl and a four-track as a tribute to advancements in experimental hip hop music and drum and bass that spawned from the pioneering days of hip-hop production and sampling. The original physical tape was available throughout Los Angeles at spots like Fat Beats (Hollywood), Beat Non Stop (Melrose) and also at shows as well as circulated/dubbed amongst friends. In an effort to continue the process of sharing this work I’ve digitized it and am putting it out as part of my “In Session” series. So please download and share… spread worldwide!

– Dday One (www.ddayone.com)

P.S: Pre-Order Mood Algorithms

Oh and here’s a little youtube preview for it:


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Download Dday One – In Session no.13: Stems of Hip Hop

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