Jealousguy – Live mix for Rhythm Incursions

This week’s guest mix comes all the way from the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan courtesy of jealousguy, a female producer who was brought to our attention in the last few months after her live appearance at the Mo’ Fun party in Tokyo alongside Daisuke Tanabe in September. It was shortly after this show that Repeat Pattern got in touch saying how impressed he and Daisuke had been by her performance and one thing leading to another we got in touch with Masami as she is legally known and asked her to deliver a guest mix, for which she put together a live set recorded at home exclusively for Rhythm Incursions!

With a couple of releases under her belt – the latest of which, Hydration, can be purchased on iTunes – jealousguy has been primarily active in her native Japan though we’re hoping her recent appearances there alongside the likes of Daisuke Tanabe and Gold Panda will help to raise her international profile. And this live mix she put together for us I’m sure will convince a few more people of her talent.

Using a fairly simple set up involving her laptop, a MIDI controller and a trusted SP-404, she manages to bring together the most disparate and unlikely sounds and samples while keeping a funk and swing that reminds me of why I first fell in love with many of the modern Japanese producers we’ve championed on Rhythm Inc over the years. There is something distinctively Japanese and unique in her approach, even if at times you can tell there is a degree of emulating what she’s hearing from Western producers and labels. The set also features tracks from her latest release.

As always though we’ll let you be the judges of that and if you like what you hear be sure to check out her blog which includes details of her releases as well as live appearances and sets – there’s a Mixcloud of her Mo’ Fun appearance here on a similar tip to the set she’s put together for us.

Big thanks go to Repeat Pattern for the hook up and Masami for her time and effort. As always you can download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feed to receive all the shows directly to your inbox.


Download Jealousguy live set for Rhythm Incursions (right click and save as)

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