[EVENT] A Dance for J-1, London

It’s not been a particularly good year in terms of people passing away, the latest tragic addition to which has been the news that J-1 aka The Deer recently died in a car crash in Sweden.

While most people might know him for his recent work as part of Dam Funk’s Master Blazter band – in which he played drums – I remember J-1 from the scratch days. He was one of the first drummers, alongside Gio from Gunkhole, to perform with scratch bands including close friends of ours Four One Funk (Teeko et al) and Mike Boo. In fact I have somewhere a recording of a show they did in 07 I think which Mike had sent me and which I’ll try and hunt down to see if we can maybe put it out to raise more awareness. Point being he was an incredibly talented guy and has left way too young, in tragic circumstances.

What’s worst, is that his family is currently unable to ship his body back to the US and so there has been a round of fundraising events in the US to help raise money for the family, and there will be one such event in London next Thursday, December 22nd, with the likes of Illum Sphere, Alex Nut, Fatima and more all playing. The event is being held at CAMP in Old Street. Suggested donations on the door are £5 – expect good music, good people and good memories to celebrate the life of a talented musician.

Facebook event page is HERE. Should you find yourself unable to attend please consider donating any amount directly to the Coleman family via this page, the only official place online in which to make sure your money goes to the family.

See you there!

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