Repeat Pattern – Are You Also You

Our last guest mix of the year comes courtesy of Repeat Pattern, all the way from Japan once more via the United States.

I first met Repeat Pattern earlier this year when I was back in Tokyo. I’d seen his name and heard his music before and assumed he was another Japanese producer, so it was a bit of a surprise to realise he was in fact a US ex-pat living in the north of the country! He was doing a live show as part of the Mo’ Fun night I played at, and after seeing his pretty dope live appearance we got chatting and eventually he wound up being the guy who put us in touch with Jealousguy (who did a very dope live set for us last month) as well as promising a mix which he delivered just in time for the end of year.

His submission definitely didn’t disappoint, in fine Rhythm Incursions style he’s given us a beautiful musical ride that’s perfect to end the year with, taking in everything from classics to beats and personal favourites. So the likes of Galt McDermot, Bobby Womack, Broadcast and Weldone Irvine rub shoulders with PUDGE, MRR ADM, Charles Trees, Mount Kimbie and more.

For more on the man hit up the Soundcloud page where you’ll find a mixture of old and new productions, including his collaboration with Kan Sano, and you can also check the Love Exposure album he collaborated on and which is free to download. There’s more coming in the new year via the Cascade Record label including a mixtape of old beat to raise money as he lost his HD and all data on it recently! That should be out before the end of the year so keep it peeled on his virtual hangouts. You can also find music from the man on a variety of compilations to raise money for Japan’s earthquake victims, all info and links on Soundcloud. Oh and lastly you can check some music from the man in our previous shows too.

As always you can stream and/or download below or simply subscribe to our iTunes/RSS feeds and never miss a show. Enjoy!

Download Repeat Pattern – Are You Also You (right click and save as)

Galt Macdermot – Ripped Open By Metal Explosions
MRR ADM ft Malcolm Catto – 012
PUDGE – Afrilude
ElecTRONiks – A.K.A Once Upon A Time
Toro Y Moi – Freaking Out
Bobby Womack – Woman’s Gotta Have It
Darondo – Didn’t I
Happy End – Kakurenbo
Broadcast – Man Is Not a Bird
Mindtouch – The Rain Sometimes
Weldon Irvine – Morning Sunrise
Master Musicians of Jajouka – A Habibi Ouajee T’Allel Allaiya
10th Letter – Inhale the Sun
Charles Trees – It’s The
Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off
Darondo – Such a Night
A.G. ft. Roc Marciano – Marcberri
3LLL – Water to Wine
Ackryte – SayHello
Weldon Irvine – I Love You

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