Ken One – Skratch Evolution 4

Ken One is family. One of Japan’s best scratch DJs, he’s been down with us since day one when Turntable Radio was the focus and when we moved to Japan he hooked us up with contacts and more. He’s also part of the Raid System crew, so he’s even more family. All of which is to say that when he sends us stuff it’s kinda like a no-brainer. Hell he’s already been featured round these parts a few times.

This latest mix follows from the previous Skratch Evolution instalments as it was in fact the promo mix Ken put together for Skratch Evolution 4 – the latest chapter of his ongoing live event in Tokyo that brings together the best scratchers and beat makers for a day of musical fun. Short but sweet it covers tons of our favourite classics with jams from Jeru, Hashim, Ricci Rucker and Samiyam. 30 mins of hip hop fun laced with world class cuts to get you moving.

You can keep up with Ken One over at his blog and look out for shows in and around Tokyo over the coming year as always.

Download Ken One – Skratch Evolution 4 (right click and save as)

DJ Ken One – Intro
Samiyam – Taco Delay
Natural Resource – Baseball-Natural Resource
The CUF – Uknowhowwedoit
Cyclops 4000 – Nightwork
Ricci Rucker – Dirty Larry
Jeru – Come Clean
DJ Flare – Butt Ugly Breaks
DJ Ken One – Freestyle cuts

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