King Deluxe – Grand Central mixtape

Things have been a bit hectic round these parts, especially as we’ve got this Nihon Kizuna One Year Later fundraiser coming up on Sunday in London and Tokyo (nudge nudge wink wink if you happen to be in either city). Still no rest for the wicked and so we’re very happy to bring you the latest guest mix to our ever growing archive, this time from Canada-based label King Deluxe.

The man behind King Deluxe hit us up a while back with links to the label’s back catalogue and forthcoming releases, including a rather tasty Evy Jane release which by now you should probably be familiar with as it got quite a lot of attention in recent weeks from the likes of FACT and other tastemaking sites. Also included in there was an EP from young Russian producer Aleph – featured in last month’s show – and details of an on-going series called 2999 which includes free exclusive tracks and artwork from a variety of artists worldwide such as Rhythm Inc favs and friends like Slugabed, Raffertie, Pacheko and Mochipet. Don’t take our word for it though, check it for yourself on the 2999 page where you can listen to and download all the tracks so far.

All of which of course could only lead to one thing – us asking them for a guest mix. The man King Deluxe himself delivered with an hour long trip into the label’s catalogue and other favourites. Anyone who can string a mix together that includes the likes of Carl Sagan alongside Taal Mala, Samiyam, Lapalux, Mort Garson, Siriusmo and Fancy Mike gets our respect. The mix features a chunk of Deluxe exclusives too.

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For more information on the label’s past and coming releases be sure to check their site – as we said the Evy Jane release which is out now is well worth your time.


Download King Deluxe – Grand Central mixtape (right click and save as)

1. Mark Brennan – Northern Coast (Powell’s Point)
2. wAgAwAgA – Mr. Toad
3. Taal Mala – Da Flex
4. Oak – Sequence 2
5. Carl Sagan / seals under antarctic ice
6. The Passenger – Withering
7. Fancy Mike – Actress *
8. Jacob 2-2 – Nanny Blaze
9. Siriusmo – 123
10. Culprate – Shades of Brown
11. Owen Pallet – Possibly Maybe
12. Aphex Snares – Funny Little Chordate
13. Julien Mier – Spletch
14. Subjex – Magnetic Funk
15. Muta – Pulse Width *
16. Markus Wormstorm – Anatopia *
17. The Original Uptown Parlour Orchestra – Ostrich Walk *
18. Thiaz Itch – Raggypso
19. Calvin Cardioid – Phoneline
20. Mort Garson – Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant
21. Alphabets Heaven – Deartentonine *
22. Alphabets Heaven – Darma (Headshotboyz remix) *
23. Secret Mommy – Clothing Rack (Sears)
24. Aleph – Vodka Patio *
25. Zackey Force Funk – Catch Me Ridin’ Dirty (Samiyam Remix)
26. The Real Estate Agents – Nok On The Door
27. Option Command – Flat Battery *
28. AK Kids – Blert *
29. Sk’p – Solar Fluids
30. Mark Brennan – Northern Coast (gulls feeding on whale)
31. Vadoinmessico – Pepita Queen of the Animals (Lapalux Remix)
* unreleased Deluxe tracks

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