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Ok, so this Friday’s guest mix is a little bit special. About a month or so ago I was invited to Ireland as part of the A Boom Bap Continuum talks/project I’ve been working on, and on the sunday I linked up with SertOne – a young Irish producer I’d met as part of the Nihon Kizuna and Finest Ego comps I curated last year. What I originally thought would be a simple chance of catching up and meeting a few more people ended up being a much more fascinating dive into a musical world I wasn’t particularly aware of.

Download Tenaka – Collected (right click and save as)

Long story short – Sert was in Limerick as part of the Lightbox tour, an absolutely fascinating and inspiring initiative by a group of young Irish producers (primarily flirting with hip hop and electronic music) which saw them embark on a tour of the island together having crowdfunded the necessary money to make it happen. In exchange for people’s financial support they offered a variety of freebies – from CDs and goodie bags to workshops and house parties (I mean how awesome is the idea that if you pay X amount to make something like this happen, they’ll all come and play your house party?). The artists featured SertOne, Tenaka, Bantum, Monto, Simon Bird, Lemonada and more with visuals by Feelgoodlost. I ended up spending the evening talking to all the guys and just being blown away by their genuine drive to do something that was not only beneficial to each of them regardless of affiliation or musical inclination but also to the music scene in their country and the fans. And well the music wasn’t half bad either, as everything from beats to ambient and chugging house filled the amazing space of the Twisted Pepper in Limerick and my (slightly Guiness-addled) brain.

You can read more on the Lightbox tour here and I’ll hopefully be wrapping up a piece about it too shortly. In the meantime I did the only logical thing having returned home – I explored the Soundcloud pages of the various artists and started talking to them about a potential series of mixes for the show, which I feel is the perfect occasion to share their work with a wider audience and turn people onto what really feels like a talented generation of producers.

First up in this series is Tenaka who delivered Collected for us a few days ago – a beautifully mesmerising 40 mins mix of his own material which serves as the closest thing to an album of his yet. I’ll let him explain:

“Since my first EP I’ve been close to and scraped 2 albums (one after the ‘Eponymously Titled’ EP and one after the ‘EPhemeral’ EP). ‘Collected’ is a snapshot of those tracks which includes remixes, previously released, unreleased and demos tracks. I took this opportunity to compile them in this mix to serve as a bridge between the EPhemeral EP and the EPoch EP which will be released this summer. I guess this is the closest I’ll get to finishing an album any time soon”

So there you have it. Collected is the first of our #lightbox series and very likely not the last time you’ll be hearing about all of these guys (and more as I keep finding and being recommended new Irish artists I didn’t know of) on Rhythm Inc. For more on Tenaka hit up his Soundcloud where some music can be downloaded as well as his main website.

Next up in the series will be announced shortly.

A huge thank to Tenaka for the time, all the Lightbox guys for their kindness, energy and the music as well as Dara in Galway and the Love Supreme crew in Limerick for bringing me over in the first place.

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Download Tenaka – Collected (right click and save as)

Tenaka – Collected / tracklist

side a – falling in
a. overhead the albatross – think, thank, thunk (tenaka remix)
b. tenaka – open out (feat. the holy roman army)
c. tenaka – Home (feat. daithi and elaine mai)
d. tenaka – falling in (feat. nadir & declan de barra)
d. tenaka – imes

side b – everytime is different
e. le galaxie – Orion (Tenaka Remix)
f. tenaka – everytime is different
g. tenaka – everything else (feat. daithi & musea)
h. miss elayneous – dominoes (tenaka remix)
i. tenaka – i know (feat. nadir)
j. tenaka – eroica

side c – waves
k. tenaka – three
l. tenaka – waves
m. julie feeney – aching (tenaka remix)
n. daithi – the dog (tenaka remix)
o. owensie – subtle connections (tenaka remix feat. nina hynes

side d – ride out
p. tenaka – throw sevens
q. tenaka – the alaskan (feat. sacred animals)
r. tenaka – universe i (feat. sorcha brennan)
s. tenaka – three (feat. colin j morris)
t. tenaka – ride out

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