Bantum – #lightbox Mix

Right then we follow up very swiftly from our first #lightbox mix – which Tenaka delivered this past Friday – with the second in the series courtesy of Bantum, who alongside Tenaka was one of the main instigators of the recent Ligthbox tour.

Bantum has put together a 30 mins mix of his own productions for the occasion, showcasing both existing tracks and works in progress. As he puts it:

For this mix I thought I’d include some old tunes, some remixes and some snippets of new tunes I’m currently working on, hopefully for an album. I have included “Slide” and “Gravy” from the Slide and Lay Lay EPs, along with remixes of Irish acts Owensie and Come On Live Long. For the new material I’m working with Margie Lewis and Benni from Irish punk band Logikparty, among others.

Bantum’s blend of electronic music and organic sources and vocals was one of the things that really attracted me to his stuff and which is nicely displayed on here, while the mix also showcases his range in terms of being able to deliver both energetic, driving productions as well as more contemplative numbers.

There is more music from the man – including tracks from the mix – available on both his Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Slide has been a favourite round these parts for a while and we’re looking forward to more from him.

Information and details of the Lightbox tour and how this whole series came about can be found here and look out for the next mix in the series which should be coming shortly (we’re looking at you SertOne, Monto etc…).

For now as always download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds to receive each show directly.


Download Bantum #lightbox Mix (right click and save as)

1. No More Lies (working title)
2. Slide
3. Verb (working title)
4. Come on Live Long – Elephants and Time (Bantum Remix)
5. Birdy (working title)
6. Owensie – Dark Place (Bantum Remix)
7. Gravy
8. No Dice

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