Strand – Slam Funk! Mix

This week’s guest mix comes courtesy of Strand – a Spanish producer based in Brussels who we first discovered… well to be honest I can’t quite remember how we did (I may have drunk a little too much last night). It doesn’t matter though, Strand is dope and we’ve been feeling his music for a while, plus he knows the homies at Serie B so that makes him instantly family round these parts.

Strand has a new album out now via Laid Back and Lowriders. Titled Slam Funk! it features pretty neat artwork from Oli B – who’s done art for Brussels’ Laid Back collective – and some tasty music full of colourful synth melodies and hard hitting rhythms. There’s a bit more info about the album right over here and here’s what Strand had to say about the mix, which is in celebration of the release:

Basically these are the kind of sounds I felt close to when making the new record. It contains old funk from the 70s and 80s (including seminal flamenco-jazz-funk), music from my Lowriders family like Hovatron and Halp, and fellow Brussels citizens like Squeaky Lobster and friends like Glue Kids. It also includes tracks from Tim Exile and John Frusciante that have been a great source of inspiration.

Like the record, this mix is a step into my exploration of black music, a maiden voyage (title of one of my fav Herbie Hancock’s LP) into funk sounds from the 70s and 80s with an un-conservative spirit. Not a look back to the past, but a vision of what today and the future could be like. We are living difficult times and economy is not doing good. The economic forecasts show that the crisis will last for ten years at least: more unemployment, less social services… This is why I believe it is important to make optimistic music and focus on the good things while describing what is currently happening. Funk music is a clear example of that, it allows you to dance and think, and at the same time reflect about the times we live on. At least I feel it that way. SLAM FUNK! is one of many answers.

So there you have it. The mix features a whole bag of Rhythm Inc favourites and acolytes including the homie Glue Kids, Dibiase, Africa Hitech, Elliott Lipp, Pixelord, and Herrmutt Lobby as well as some straight classics like Cybotron’s ‘Clear’. It’s a proper ride and we’re very happy to have Strand take us with him.

For more on the man check out his website where you’ll find links to all his music and the album can be purchased directly via Laid Back’s bandcamp – currently digital only with vinyl coming later in May which you can pre-order.

Massive thanks to Strand for dropping by with this. Bump it in your speakers loud and proud. As always download and/or stream below or simply subscribe to iTunes/RSS and never miss a show.

We’re back next week with more guest mixes and regular shows!

Download Strand – Slam Funk! Mix (right click and save as)

Funktionairies – kiss my funky pts.1&2
Cybotron – Clear
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk – Mirda Rock
Rustie – Hover Traps and Ultra Fizz
Halp – Baby
Strand – Caetano
Africa Hi-Tech – Do U Wanna Fight
Zack Sekoff – Smells like teen spirit feat Robert Glasper
Glue Kids – Manny Pacman
Herrmutt Lobby – Shabn
Photek – Slowburn
John Frusciante – Dark light
Clark – Com Touch
Hovatron – Super Soaker
Dibiase – Skull Crack
Todd Edwards – I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)
Rick James – Cold Blooded (Duke Slammer edit)
Mike Bubbles – Inspek ya Dekz
Strand – Gris Marengo
Squeaky Lobster – Runnin’ Amok
Tim Exile – Don’t Think We’re One
Beatles – Savoy Truffle
Elliott Lipp – The Area
El Camaran de la Isla – La Tarara
Bobby Womack – Womans Gotta Have it
Pixelord – Equis Part 2

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