Uncle Lew – Live in Galway

Uncle Lew is family round these parts. We go back to the scratch days and those that know us know that this means we’ve got a lot of shared history. Originally running under the name Square One, he moved on – as many have – to production and electronic music, most notably producing some incredible beats for the Grandeurs of Delusion project alongside fellow scratch family members Jimmy Hatetank and Maroon. Life and travels and the like getting in the way, not much aside from the GOD work really saw the light of day in the last four years.

Things are about to change though and to celebrate this, if you will, we’re giving you an exclusive live set from the man that was originally performed at this year’s Community Scratch Games in Galway and has been re-recorded here for your aural pleasure. So ok technically this isn’t a live recording, but the name’s still valid and I couldn’t think of anything cleverer. More importantly the mix showcases plenty of new Uncle Lew productions, a few of which are set to form his first solo EP proper – Heavy Romance – which will drop soon. We’re working on it as the kids say and full details shall be announced. Alongside his own work, here he showcases a lot of the dancefloor tracks that have been big hits with us at Rhythm Inc including a fair few close family members and friends such as Lorn, Salva, Machinedrum, Om Unit, EAN and Sleeping Giant, the last of which is none other than the man CocoB – if you were a Turntable Radio listener than you know, and if you don’t then you’ll want to know very soon.

So all a bit cryptic I give you that but for those in a tl;dr mood the summary goes as follows: Uncle Lew is stupid dope fresh retarded, this mix will prove that and there’s an EP coming that’s equally fresh. And more shall follow. For now you can as always download and/or stream below, or simply subscribe and get all the shows directly to your box/player.

For more on Uncle Lew peep the Soundcloud where details of the EP will likely be added in the near future as well as previews. There’s also a new Grandeurs of Delusion LP coming real soon, unfortunately Jimmy ain’t the best with the intermanets so keep em peeled on the NozL recordings site for that.

Enough talk, turn it up loud and bump it in yo system.

Download Uncle Lew – Live in Galway (right click and save as)


Uncle Lew – Everything
Uncle Lew & Sleeping Giant – Girl Drama
Liar – Upghostery
Lorn – Requiem
Lorn – Stranger
Lazer Sword – Fubu
Uncle Lew – Peroxide Blonde
Boxcutter – Mya Rave 2
Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus remix)
Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum remix)
Digi G’alessio – Mike Tyson
Modeselektor – Hyper Hyper
Om Unit – Prawn Cocktail (Salva remix)
Krampfhaft – Spit Thunder
Dream Continuum – Free
EAN – Aulderkincher
Eprom – Twerkul8
Krampfhaft – Carl Sagan The Man
EAN – Get On It remix
Portico Quartet – Seamless (EAN remix)
Krampfhaft – I Needed You (Om Unit remix)
Raadsel and Luisterwaar – Tissue Box
B. Lewis – Moon Dancers
Uncle Lew – Only Me

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