Akkachar – Warranty Displayed

This week’s Friday guest mix comes from the low lying lands of Holland (see what we did there?), where the Rwina label resides. Headed by Akkachar, Rwina’s been ticking all the right boxes in recent years with some of our favourite releases by the likes of Desto, NastyNasty and Eprom among others. Their next big release is the latter’s debut album ‘Metahuman’ which is going to twist quite a lot of heads, and we should know cos we’ve had some early preview action.

When Akkachar offered to do us a mix we obviously couldn’t say no, and he delivered with a 40 odd minute journey not too dissimilar in style and substance to Om Unit’s recent session or our habitual leanings for slow/fast mixes. Featuring on there is Rwina material old and new including new Eprom, Deft and Desto as well as appearances by many of our favourite peoples including the Cosmic Bridge family Kromestar, EAN, Om Unit and Moresounds, Nasty Ways (aka Eprom and Boreta), Manni Dee, Slick Shoota and more. Suffice to say it bangs rather loudly, perfect to get you in the mood for the weekend.

For more on Rwina follow em on Soundcloud and get ready for Metahuman!

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EPROM – Floating Palace
Kuhn – Slime Beach [Phillip D. Kick remix]
Pixelord – Ninja Clown [Deft remix]
Manni Dee – Heatwave
Koloah – Booty Kach V.I.P.
XLII – No Cure [EAN remix]
Kowton – Jam003 [Desto remix]
Manni Dee & Deft – This One, The Art Of The Possible
Worthy – Lost Dog [Lucid remix]
Red CafĂ© – Money, Money, Money [instrumental]
Slick Shoota – Bruk
iTAL tEK – The Planet
Deft – Crown Point
813 – Erotica [Om Unit remix]
Deft – Masquerade
EPROM – Regis Chillbin [Machinedrum remix]
EPROM – Metahuman
Nasty Ways – Cybersnake
Kromestar – Don’t Make Sense V.I.P.
XLII – Dilated
EPROM – Love Number
Moresounds – No Coke
Moresounds – Shtrakstep

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