Friends of Friends mix series – Mr UNO

So we’ve been away for most of the month – some might call it schmoozing, we call it work with a healthy dose of holidaying. Back from a hectic but incredibly fun week in Barcelona for Sonar and then Munich with the brother Jay Scarlett we promise to get back on it with the regular shows. In the meantime our homies in Los Angeles have got a new mix from Mr UNO for our ongoing Friends of Friends mix series. Here’s what they had to say on the subject:

UNO has been on an absolutely killer run this year, putting out some of the most forward thinking electronic music we’ve heard period. At FoF we have a very soft and special spot in our hearts for UNO so we knew that when it was time to source a new mix UNO was the one. So without further ado we present this month’s mix courtesy of the man behind the whole operation – Mr. UNO himself!

So there you have it. Mr UNO and his label are new to us, but we know that if it comes recommended from FoF it’s worth a spin or three, and you should probably know that by now as well. For more on UNO check the label website and for more on Friends on Friends it’s all here – shouts to Salva who was in Barcelona and smashed the RBMA tent (we couldn’t stay but we knew he was going to kill it). They’ve got a pretty killer release by the LOL Boys coming up in the summer.

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Until next time…

Download Friends of Friends mix series – Mr UNO (right click and save as)

Arca – Melody of Life Edit – NORELATION
Aquarian – Towerblock – UNO
Physical Therapy – ? – NORELATION
Napolian – Escobar – SOFTWARE
Nguzunguzu – ? – NORELATION
Dubbeldutch – Dead Pool – Soundcloud
Gobby – Transform.09 – NORELATION
Fatima Al Qadiri – Vatican Vibes (Dubbel Dutch Remix) – UNO
Kuhrye – Not Feeling The Love – oo
SFV Acid – Ashlands Slumber – UNO
LOL Boys – It’s All About You Edit – NORELATION
Arca – Get In The Fucking Car – UNO
Ake Djassen – Breaking Dawn
DJ Rashad & Manny – Your Girl
JlllllM – Corbin Dallas – OUNCE
Clams Casino – Unchain Me – Free download
Fur – March 18th (demo) – UNO

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