Archie Pelago – Rhythm Incursions mix

This Friday’s guest mix comes courtesy of Archie Pelago, a trio of musicians from NYC – namely Hirshi, Cosmo D and Kroba – who simply describe what they do (on their Soundcloud page) as ‘we play instruments and make beats, TOGETHER’. While accurate and to the point, it’s perhaps a little understated when you consider the music they’ve been coming out with.

I first got in touch with the guys following a piece I did on footwork for RBMA a few months back. We started talking via Twitter and they sent over a bunch of music they’d been working on, operating at footwork/juke speeds but flipping the templates with their own, jazz influenced style. And let’s face it, it’s not everyday something like this lands in your inbox so the curiosity was definitely high. Following this we did what we always do which is offer the guys a chance to do a mix and showcase their music and approach to you, the listeners. They duly obliged and have delivered what is quite possibly one of the deepest mixes we’ve had so far, and definitely the most engrossing one this year. It’s a real rewarding headphone listen that actually reminds me of some of the music that was a catalyst for Trick and Waxfactor starting Rhythm Inc back in 04, the likes of NYC’s The Agriculture, Raz Mesinai or even the legendary Wordsound label.

Here’s some words about the mix from Archie Pelago:

The mix was done quickly and on a whim. Ultimately, we wanted to commit some of our newer, faster material into a live context. Our overriding guideline was that the mix get slower BPM-wise over time while still building in energy. As with all our mixes, it was made completely on-the-spot, deploying our dj / instrumental approach that makes up our live show.

The DJ/instrumental approach they refer to is quite interesting – especially if you nerd on things like this – and you can see a diagram of it here. As you can see, we’re not talking your usual set up. The result, as can be heard in the mix and the trio’s production, is a strange blend of electronic/dance music’s energy with the vibrancy and organic qualities of live instrumentation.

As you’ll hear on this mix, we’re talking a heady experience featuring quite a few notable artists we’re fans of here at Rhythm Inc towers – Scuba, Tunnidge, Skream, and DJ Diamond – alongside Archie Pelago’s own productions.

If (like us) you find yourself intrigued by Archie Pelago’s music and approach then be sure to check out their Soundcloud page – which also links to their individual pages – where you’ll find live shows and some of their existing and forthcoming releases including their remix for Distal, their EP on Car Crash Set and more. They’ve also got a remix out on Sonic Router’s brand new label, for the Wattville 12″ (featured at the end of this mix). I think it’s fair to say this won’t be the last time you’ll hear from them, and we’ll be including some of their work in future shows too.

As always you can listen and/or stream below or simply subscribe to our RSS/iTunes feeds and receive all the shows directly to your inbox.

Thanks to Archie Pelago for the time and enjoy!

Download Archie Pelago – Rhythm Incursions mix (right click and save as)

Scuba – Eclipse (Abucs)
Archie Pelago – Saturn V (dub)
Skream – Motorway (Exit)
Archie Pelago – Nancy’s Library (dub)
DJ Diamond – I Choose You (Planet Mu)
Archie Pelago – Sly Gazabo (dub)
Tunnidge – Tribe (Deep Medi)
Archie Pelago – Hall of Human Origins (Well-Rounded Invidividuals)
Boss & Radial – We Don’t Know, Either (Dole Gate)
Archie Pelago & Wattville – Clan – (Sonic Router)

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