Dday One – In Session no.15

Dday One’s back with the fifteenth In Session show, as always live from his Los Angeles home. Fresh from finally linking up with Om Unit (who’s currently on tour across the US and Canada) after we’ve all been working together for nearly ten years, he delivers a new hour long show full of new and old music from legends and friends including Daedelus, Robot Koch, Om Unit himself, Dday’s Content label and its artists including Glen Porter and Gone Beyond, Lorn but also Miles Davis, Blackalicious, Krush and Shadow.

It’s a sun-drenched audio delivery, perfect to get the week started.

As always you can stream the show below, or to download left click and you’ll be directed to Dday’s Bandcamp page where the file is available. iTunes/RSS subscribers will receive the file directly.

Download Dday One – In Session no.15 (left click to Bandcamp site)

Daedelus – Vous Ites Stereo (Om Unit Remix)
Glen Porter – The Piper is a Madman
Miles Davis / Easy Mo-Bee – Mystery
Diplo feat. Flinch & My Name is Kay – No Problem
Ceephax Acid Crew – Emotinium 2
Ice Cream Tee – Let’s Work
Marques Lafelt – LoVeunlimited
The Mighty Bop – Fantasia
We – Ease in /With John LaMonica’s Stereo Claws
2econd Class Citzen /Dday One – Outside Your Doorway (Remix)
Robot Koch – Follow Birds
Lorn – Chhurch
Dday One – Option 2
Mr. Moods – Tituana Brass
Blackalicious – Lyric Fathom
Martina Topley-Bird – Sandpaper Kisses
Dj Shadow – Affectation
Rammellzee feat. Shockdell – Pay The Rent
Peabody & Sherman – They’ve Always Known
2econd Class Citzen – Stay With Me
Gone Beyond – The Edge of Space
Dj Krush – Sleepless Horizon
Om Unit – Fumes
Two Fingers – Combat Rhythm
Yppah – R.Mullen

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