Dday One – In Session no.17


Hello and welcome to another edition of the world famous Rhythm Incursions “In-Session” podcast series with your host Dday One; broadcasting from Los Angeles, CA.

This time we take a listen to classic Electro Music and pay tribute to the early “Beat Scenes” from around the world!

Los Angeles Electro-Funk, Miami Bass, 80’s Soviet electronic music, Japanese electro, English electropop, Italo disco, French touch plus classic German bass music.

In addition to the various styles (chop edits, computer rock, vocoder, 808 beats, etc) in this mix we also hear early works from the 2 Live Crew, Ice T, Dr. Dre, Kid Frost and Detroit techno originators Juan Atkins and Richard Davis.



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2 Live Crew – 2 Live
Jamie Jupitor – Computer Power
Zigmars Liepins- Dance 85
The X-Men – It’s More Fun To Sample
Dr. Dre [World Class Wreckin’ Cru]- Surgery
Iceman Ja – Dance Transformer
Cosmic Jam – We’re Jamming
Eddie D Featuring Galaxxy – Cold Cash Money
Latin Rascals – Bach To The Future
Gigolo Tony – Tear $h*t Up
Tha Swami – To Be #1 (Rap)
Newcleus – Jam On Revenge (Remix)
Riow Arai – Plus Alpha
Ice T – Killers
The Amazing Wizards – Dance Of The Wizards
Yapoos – Nikuya no Youni
King Mc – Ghetto Drama
B.O.S.E. – Robo Cop
Iceman Ja – Dead Or Alive
Kraftwerk – Numbers
Kool G Rap – Rhymes I Express
Spyder-D – Rap Is Here To Stay
Electro Medley edit (Dday One)
C-Jam & Kid Frost- Commando Rock
M.C.B – Oh Inspector (It’s The New Mix)
MC Superb ft DJ Pressure – Get Up And Dance
Lakim Shabazz /45 King – Hands of Fate
Cybotron – R9
Daft Punk – Da Funk
Fab 5 Freddy – Une Sale Histoire
Electric Boogie Boots – Cheeky
Marly Marl / Mc Shan – He Cuts So Fresh
Hometown Boyzz – We got the boom

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