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LA | Rhythm Incursions

Dibiase & PUDGE – Smoke It Over

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. The excellent Dublin-based All City Records are starting a new series of vinyl releases for 2010, following from their acclaimed 7×7 series back in 08 which saw them release 7 (well actually 8 as they did an extra one in 09) 7″s featuring tracks from producers that had been bubbling under and a few of which went on to receive greater acclaim and fame in 09. These included Hudson Mohawke, Onra, Mike Slott and Fulgeance to name a few.

For 2010 the label returns with a similar concept this time the 10×10 LA Series. The concept couldn’t be simpler: 10 10″s from LA producers featuring one producer on each side and artwork from the mighty B+ of Mochilla fame. Simple concept maybe but packing an almighty punch especially when it’s that well executed.

First up are two producers who we’ve been following keenly for a while – Dibiase and PUDGE. I saw PUDGE in November when he played the Ramp party in London, and must admit his set was a pleasure. I’d known of him but not that well and the live set was a perfect introduction. As for Dibiase, he’s someone whose music, or more accurately beats, I’ve been hunting over the last year ever since I discovered him on a video with Ras G back in 08. As Take, another LA producer, put it when I saw him in the summer, Dibiase is a sort of unsung producing hero on the LA beat scene, a local Dilla with an incredible knack for the most catchy headnodders.

To celebrate the launch of the series, All City have given out one track from the first 10″ entitled ‘Smoke It Over’ and featuring both producers. See below for download link and stream.

Here’s some blurb from the press release regarding both and also tracklist for the first 10″.

Dibiase – Representing HollyWatts in South LA, Dibiase has been making a name for himself beneath the surface over the last few years. Now coming overground he’s recently dropped 45s on Detroits OTW label plus Fat City.
P.U.D.G.E – Originally from Jamaica, Queens now residing in L.A producer and MC P.U.D.G.E has released on Ramp and most recently on the Beat Dimensions 2 LP.

LA Series 1 – Dibiase & PUDGE – BUY IT HERE

  • PUDGE – Intro
  • PUDGE – Satta MariJuana
  • PUDGE – Blips Ahoy Mate
  • PUDGE – Afrilude
  • PUDGE – AwnMyDawn
  • PUDGE – ArabIncense
  • PUDGE & Dibiase – Smoke It Over
  • Dibiase – wtf
  • Dibiase – Thrilla Time Slime
  • Dibiase – Spacely Sprocketts
  • Dibiase – I Pity the Fool
  • Dibiase – Axel Bop

Download Dibiase & PUDGE – Smoke It Over (right click and save as)

Alongside this new series All City are also starting 2010 with a 7″ from Om Unit, who regular listeners of the show will know by now. The release, Lavender b/w Lightgrids, has been on rotation in our shows for a few months now as we’ve been lucky enough to get the early heads up on it and we’re very happy to see it finally come out. For my money, Lightgrids is the joint and it’s been getting some serious support from the likes of Martyn, Benji B and Mark Pritchard as well as being featured on XLR8R’s website.

The 7″ is out now, and you can buy it here. Comes with some beautiful artwork too.

Lastly Om Unit has also done a 30 min mix of All City material past, present and future. It’s the perfect addition to both releases and a great way to catch up with the label’s output, or if you aren’t new to it, reminisce on the good stuff. You can download the mix here.

Friends of Friends – a friendly kind of label


We received word of a new label in the last week or so which combines great music with an interesting concept that makes the most of the current situation in the music industry.

Friends of Friends is the name of the label. Based in L.A their first release features L.A ‘legend’ Daedelus and Jogger. We’ll let them explain the concept in more detail:

The concept in short for our inaugural release is FoF invites an artist to join the FoF family by signing on to do a split EP; they in turn invite another musician or group to complete the split release and commission a designer to create the EP’s artwork on a limited edition T-Shirt which will include a download card (100% seed paper card). Included in the download will be the release, exclusive remixes and special content: ie videos, mixes etc

So as you can see it’s definitely not your average release but what really struck us is that this is exactly the kind of release and idea that can help bridge the current issues between physical and digital and how artists can make money in an age where music is seen as increasingly disposable and people want the music product free but are actually willing to pay for good quality, relevant physical products like t-shirts, designs etc…

The release features 3 tracks each from Daedelus and Jogger, and the remixes come from the likes of Nosaj Thing, Thunderheist and more. We’ve had the EP for a while now and we’re definitely liking the sound of it. Expect to hear some of the music in coming shows and if like us FoF caught your interest and raised your curiosity then head over to the site to check where and how to buy. The first EP is out now.